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Viva TMS Vegas Game Tournament Sign-Up!

Attending Viva TMS Vegas 2022 and want to compete in a casual free-to-play video game & pinball tournament?

Here’s how it’ll work:


TMS Vegas Video Game Tournament Sign-Up

How does it work?

For each round, you'll be paired up with another member of the Frogpants community who will be at the event. The two of you will decide upon any game at PlayerOne, and compete against each other in a single game. Highest score wins, and you'll report the winner to the Bracket Manager (probably Brian), who will then move the winner forward to the next round. Overall bracket winner gets a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind video game cabinet trophy 3D printed by Brian and designed by Scott!

If we can't find you at the tournament, we'll need to text you to let you know to head to the bar for your next game!